Dora Stratou Dance Theatre, Athens

Athens Section CID, Athens

Pireaus Section CID, Pireaus

Congress Committee

Prof. Mr. Alkis Raftis, Chairman of the Congress

Ms. Adamantia Angeli, Executive Director of CID

Ms. Lambrini Raikou, Executive Secretary of CID

Ms. Angeliki Christofilopoulou, General Secretary of the Dora Stratou Dance Theater

Mr. Stergios Theocharidis, Vice-President of the Dora Stratou Dance

Mr. Athanassios Kalantzis, Project leader


Presidents of CID Sections

Ms. Marigoula Kritsioti, President of Athens Section CID

Ms. Kalliopi Varoudaki, President of Pireaus Section CID

Ms. Prof. Dr. Marie-Helene Delavaud-Roux, President of Finistère Section CID

Ms. Anahit Saribeckyan, President of Vanazdor Section CID

Mr. Prof. Karen Gevorgyan , President of Yerevan Section CID

Mr. Thomas Palantzas, President of Kalamata Section CID

Ms. Lata Surendra, President of Dadar CID Section

Ms. Nataliya Mogolivets, President of Lviv CID Section

Ms. Ivana Milovanovic, President of Belgrade CID Section

Ms. Aelita Kondratova, President of Saint Petersburg CID Section


Congress Team

Mr. Stamatis Theocharidis (Greece) IT Engineer

Ms. Katianna Moukazi (Greece)

Mr. Alexandros Varoudakis (Greece)

Mr. Stathis Kalogeropoulos (Greece)

Ms. Anastasia Anastasopoulou (Greece)

Ms. Eva Roditou (Greece)

Ms. Caroline Daniels (U.K.)

Ms. Ekaterini Kousteni (Greece)

Ms. Tasia Nikita (Greece)

Ms. Zoe Emas (USA)

Ms. Ioanna Aggeli (Greece) (International relations)

Ms. Tatiana Messager (Colombia)

Ms. Camille Martin-Sermolini  (France)

Ms. Marie Tortolani (France)

Ms. Gerrianne Abbing (Netherlands)

Ms. Theressa Avedissian (Greece)

Ms. Eleonore Rousseau (France)

Ms. Theodora Danae Mouzopoulou (Greece)

Mr. Samuel Melluso Lago (Spain)

Mr. Sergey Khudenko (Russia)

Ms. Eleni Kouki (Greece)

Mr. Manos Aliftiras (Greece)

Ms. Maria Tsampa (Greece)

Ms. Evmareia Halandri (Greece)


Scientific Committee

Ms. Prof. Dr. Marie-Helene Delavaud-Roux (France)

Ms. Prof. Dr. Karen L. Smith (U.S.A)

Ms. Prof. Nadezda Mosusova (Serbia)

Mr. Prof. Dr. Przemyslaw Kordos (Poland)

Ms. Assist. Prof. Dr. Emi Yagishita (Japan)

Mr. Prof. Dr. Odilon José Roble



Dora Stratou Dance Theatre building, Plaka

House of the Dance, Scholiou 8, Plaka, GR-10558 Athens

Tel.: (+30) 210 324 4395, 210 324 6188, 210 921 4650, Fax: (+30) 210 324 6921



Under the auspices of

Region of Attica - Ministry of Culture - Ministry of Education - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - National Commission for UNESCO - Municipality of Athens



Dance - in the footsteps of the soul

“I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what it too deep to find for words,” observed the well-known American dancer and choreographer, Ruth St. Denis, for the Art that actually “outlines” and “reveals” the person who lives within us in a pure way of expression, creation and freedom.

The redemptive character of this supreme Art lies in the fact that it acts as a cure for the soul.

And there is no more indicative example of its power than the central role held by the Chorus in ancient Greek drama.

A role that is both modern and timeless, especially today, at a time when art and culture should not be seen as an “unnecessary luxury” but they should act as a way out and as an inspiration for change and transcendence.

It is the art of a completely authentic expression for the artists who are devoted entirely to it, with their soul and body, not for receiving laurels, performing in crowded halls, or receiving a prolonged applause, but for something much more important, to become a precious shelter and a lifeline for their audience.

But above all, Dance is the Art that cannot be appropriated by the few, but it urges all and everyone to participate in it, to express themselves, to overcome dead end situations and taboos.

So we should not be afraid of our dance steps.

The “Dora Stratou” Greek Dances Theatre has been serving consistently this supreme Art for 64 years. And this year, by contributing to the organization of the 50th World Congress on Dance Research, it attempts to promote further this Art and leave a valuable asset for the future and the evolution of the Art of Dance. The Region of Attica has supported warmly this initiative.

With these thoughts in mind, I congratulate you on your multifaceted work over the years and wish you every success in holding the World Dance Congress.


Rena Dourou

Regional Governor of Attica